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Barakah Estates
Location: Bakoteh, Gambia

Welcome to Barakah Estates. A paradise home development based in the country of Gambia and located in the city of Bakoteh. Barakah Estates is 10 minutes from the airport of Gambia and the beautiful city of Senegambia, which is known as the life of Gambia. The area unites all the best restaurants, nightclubs, and a peaceful and sunny beach for estate guests to enjoy a range of activities. Each of the residences has four massive bedrooms, each containing a magnificent bathroom with luxury porcelain tiles, a sumptuous living room, and a modern kitchen with spacious storage. Each home is surrounded by fresh green grass, where kids can play safely. In addition, enjoy the peace of mind offered by Barakah Estates' CCTV system and 24-hour security and personnel services.

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