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The African Dynasty Project

The African diaspora refers to the many communities of African descent dispersed throughout the world due to historical movements. The majority of African dispersal resulted from the Arab and Atlantic slave trades – the largest forced migrations in history. An estimated 11 million Africans were dispersed from the Atlantic slave trade from Western Africa (e.g., Ghana, Nigeria) and Central Africa (e.g., Congo, Cameroon) and an estimated 10 to 80 million from the Arabic slave trade. Despite a popular association with the United States, only 5% of African slaves went to America while the remaining 95% went to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Alike African-Americans, other Africans in the Diaspora (e.g., Afro-Cubans, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Costa Ricans, etc.) face challenges in their countries and share a common history.

Factors such as Senegal’s tourism sector generating millions of dollars in revenue every year, the country attracting 47,200 foreign tourists every day, and the astronomically growing national vacation rental market have created enormous opportunities for us on the regional market. For this reason, DMC has acquired property in Dakar, and surrounding regions. Our resort facilities will offer foreign tourists luxury accommodations and unique, fun, and exciting activities that will give them unforgettable memories.


Senegal offers a competitive destination for investments in Africa based on its political stability, strategic geographical position, access to sub-regional markets, and improving infrastructure. Many international organizations and businesses have made Dakar their base for operations across the West African region. Growth Revenue in Senegal’s tourism sector will grow at an annual rate of 24.7% to reach $175 million by 2025. Hotels and related properties in West Africa were on track to generate an income of $1.04 billion by the end of 2020.


DMC Dynasty Project core values are:

  • Operational transparency, flexibility, and integrity

  • Client satisfaction above all

  • Creating and sustaining job opportunities for the locals

  • A keen focus on growth and sustainability

Review Our Business Plan

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Acquired & Pursuing Acquisitions

Future Acquisitions 


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“Travel to Africa has become increasingly popular over the last few years, thanks to everything from captivating images shared by travel influencers on social media to thousands flocking to Ghana to celebrate the Year of The Return. The travel movement has inspired many to not only visit African countries but relocate there permanently. More and more African Americans are moving to different countries on the continent and taking advantage of expat work opportunities to create a life outside of the U.S.”

Givens, Dana, "Thinking of Moving to Africa? Here's how to Invest in Real Estate on the Continent" Black Enterprise
April 6, 2020,

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Independence achieved on April 4, 1960
1.7 million tourists annually

Home to Multiple Unique Attractions
Lac Rose
African Renaissance Monument
Lompoul Dessert 
Fatala Wildlife Reserve
Goree Island

And MUCH more


Generate Capital Through Crowd Funding Our Campaign
Benchmark Goals: 
2000 / 500 investors 500 / 3,000 each = 1 million / 1.5 million USD
1,000 investors $2,500 each = 2.5 million USD
1,500 investors $2,500 each = 3.75 million USD
1,500 / 2,000 investors $3,000 each = 4.5 million / 6 million USD

6 Month to 1 Year Goal - Acquire Two Small 10 Room Luxury Resorts 
$114/night x 21/nights (70 percent) = $2,394/night
$2,394/night x 10/rooms = $23,940/month
$23,940/month x 12 months = $287,280 per year/ per 10 rooms

1 to 3 Year Goal – Acquire 3 Hectares (2.5 Acres per Hectare)
Build the 1st largescale African resort & residential community (short & long term)

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