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Financial Services

Dynasty Financial Services offers a host of financial services to ensure you are making the best financial decisions. We partner with a host of organizations to meet the demand on the most complex fiscal concerns while assisting in planning for your future. From retirement planning, debt management, and budgeting to tax preparation, estate planning, and more, DMC’s Financial Services is committed to your financial success.

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Tax Preparation

Tax preparation services for you, your family or your business

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Live Group Chat

24x7x12 Access to Diamond Member group chat for trade assistance and/or guidance with DMC experts and subscribers

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Stock Market Buy Lists

  • Access to vetted buy lists

  • Options trades

  • Power Buys

  • Long term growth stocks

  • Swing Trades

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Real-Time Market Alerts

  • Live trades via Zoom and/or Facebook

  • Real-Time stock market Alerts

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