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Investment Clubs

Dynasty Management Consulting employs a group or pooled investment strategy enabling our clients the ability to access premium investment opportunities that may be otherwise inaccessible. Group investing is the process by which a group of like-minded individuals with shared financial and investment goals band together to pool money and invest in revenue-generating opportunities.

Dynasty Management Consulting has established a relationship with Tribevest to support our investment clubs. Tribevest provides a platform that serves as a central place to align the group and centralize investments for Dynasty Management Consulting's Investment Clubs, resulting in a uniquely transparent investment experience. 

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The African Dynasty Project

  • Create wealth by making a meaningful impact in the continent of Africa

  • Own a piece of Africa via DMC’s Dynasty Global Ventures land and real estate acquisitions

  • Investing Low-cost investment with a lifetime of rewards starting at $500

  • Investments in Africa are expected to more than triple in the next 7 to 10 years


Pre IPO Investing

  • Access to invest in Initial Public Offerings via DMC's group investing platform.​

  • Visit the Pre IPO Marketplace Club


Alternative Investments

  • Wealth professionals recommend allocating 15-20% of your portfolio to alternatives

  • Investments are backed by assets that help protect your principal

  • Access a range of unique asset classes

  • Short duration and low minimums

  • Investments starting as low as $1,000


Real Estate Investing

  • Short-term residential rentals

  • Hedging market losses

  • Creating wealth-generating passive income

  • Reducing tax burden via real estate tax benefits

  • Reduced volatility

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