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Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources serves as the engine for productivity through training and development, performance management, talent acquisitions, and more. DMC's HR consulting delivers a robust analysis of an organization's people strategy and works to implement and manage the meaningful change that drives the desired outcomes of an organization’s objectives and the subsequent success of organizations in the global marketplace through a customer-centric approach to employee relations, stakeholder retention, and leadership training.

DMC HR Outsourcing services are perfect for any small or midsized business that is frazzled with the overwhelming day-to-day tasks surrounding recruitment processes, human resources, benefits administration, and payroll. All services are customized to meet the needs of each business and can be easily changed as your business grows. Outsourcing these daily tasks surrounding HR, benefits, and payroll will enable you to focus on your business strategy and growth!


HR Administration

  • Employee Handbook – creation or development

  • Employee Relations – documentation, training, policy development, performance

  • Background screening – including pre-employment drug tests or physicals

  • Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Record-Keeping


Talent Acquisition Services

  • DMC HR Consulting assists to streamline your recruitment process. We can write & place open positions, develop job descriptions, pre-screen candidates, initiate background checks, and send offer letters.

  • Resume Consulting Services


Employee Training & Development

  • New Hire Orientation

  • Provide comprehensive new hire orientations to explain new hire paperwork, company benefits, and company policies

  • DMC HR Consulting can track the completion and process of all new hire paperwork

  • SOP development and adherence


HRIS/HRMS & Timekeeping systems

  • Human Resources Information Systems and Human Resources Management Systems streamline day-to-day employee administration and increase the communication ability for small businesses

  • DMC HR Consulting can match up the right HRIS/HRMS for your small business.



  • Provide information on state and federal laws and regulations

  • Assist with required documentation for compliance with government regulations


Notary Services

  • DMC HR Consulting can provide Notary Public services for a small fee in the State of Maryland

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